Commander in Chief 2000 Job Eligibility Rating
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CINC* 2000 Job Eligibility Rating
(* Commander-in-Chief, United States Military Armed Forces)


  • Military Service of Candidates, courtesy of 1. The Associated Press (WP), 2. The Associated Press (NYT), and 3. The American War Library

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    Military service of the presidential candidates

    (In alphabetical order) Candidate and Service Record
    George W. Bush Served six years in the Texas and Alabama Air National Guard as pilot. No voluntary or assigned combat military service during eligibility for Vietnam War era.
    Al Gore United States Army. Served 22 months. Voluntary combat service in Vietnam. Served as military journalist.
    Alan Keyes No voluntary or conscripted combat military service during eligibility for Cold War and Vietnam War era. No deferment from military or combat service sought or accepted.

    Eligibility Catagories

    I believe...

  • O = Outstanding: ... will perform above and beyond call of duty.

  • E = Excellent: ... will perform exceptionally.

  • S = Satisfactory: ... will barely ensure American national security

  • U = Unsatisfactory: ... will harm American national security

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      Bush George  O E S U
      Gore Al  O E S U
      Keyes Alan  O E S U
      Nader Ralph  O E S U
      None of the Above  None

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