Survey: Should military personnel who do not wish to serve with homosexuals be permitted to quit?

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"If Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is abolished, should "Don't Like, Can Quit" be established?


TOPIC (03132007): Currently, the U.S. military does not allow males and females to occupy private and personal quarters. However, homosexuals who desire to occupy private quarters with the objects of their sexual desire are pressuring presidential candidates and elected officials to permit them full and open access to the showers, latrines, foxholes and living quarters of heterosexuals whom they view or target as potential sex partners. Several presidential candidates have already promised to allow homosexuals to serve openly and share private quarters with their sexual targets. None of these candidates have expressed any relief for heterosexuals who do not wish to share private quarters with homosexuals.

TOPIC ADDENDUM (031707): Unlike other surveys, this survey asks the respondent to state his or her sexual classification (homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual). This survey asks this critical question because we are concerned with five hypotheses:

  • 1) homosexual and bisexual respondents will more than likely lie about their classification by stating they are heterosexual
  • 2) homosexuals and bisexuals currently serving in the military have already confirmed their predisposition to lie because they do not inform their commanders they are homosexual
  • 3) homosexuals and bisexuals will lie about their classification because they desire poll and survey results to appear as though heterosexuals strongly favor abolishment of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and approve of gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military
  • 4) many homosexuals have expressed they believe that all heterosexuals secretly desire a homosexual encounter or relationship, or would participate in a homosexual encounter or relationship if they could be assured it would forever remain secret
  • No survey conducted on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is valid unless the survey asks the respondent to state his or her sexual classification


QUESTION 1/10: Should "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" be abolished so that homosexuals may serve and live openly with heterosexuals in military barracks?


QUESTION 2/10: If the Commander in Chief allows homosexuals to serve openly, should homosexuals be billeted in quarters separate from the opposite sex and separate from heterosexuals of the same sex?


QUESTION 3/10: If the Commander in Chief allows homosexuals to serve openly, should billeting be changed to allow heterosexual males and females to share the same living and personal quarters?


QUESTION 4/10: If the Commander in Chief abolishes "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", should "Don't Like, Can Quit" be established to allow heterosexuals who choose not to serve in an openly homosexual environment to immediately resign from the military with no penalty or loss of veteran's benefits?


QUESTION 5/10: If "Don't Like, Can Quit" is not permitted, should all military enlistment contracts state in bold print that the enlistee acknowledges and agrees that he or she may be required to share personal living quarters with a homosexual who may desire a sexual relationship?


QUESTION 6/10: Are Commanders in Chief who never served in the military qualified to order heterosexuals to share private and personal quarters with homosexuals who view them as sexual objects or targets?


QUESTION 7/10: Most homosexuals believe their sexual preference to be "normal", "natural" and "moral". Do you agree?


QUESTION 8/10: Most heterosexuals believe homosexuality to be abnormal and unnatural because homosexuals cannot normally or naturally produce offspring. Do you agree?


QUESTION 9/10: Most heterosexuals believe homosexuality is immoral because God chose to create reproducing opposite sexes rather than reproducing same-sexes. Do you agree?


QUESTION 10/10: How do you classify your sexuality?


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Results Date: 15 Mar 2007:

  • QUESTION 1: Yes: 14.2% ; No: 85.8
  • QUESTION 2: Yes: 47.6% ; No: 52.4%
  • QUESTION 3: Yes: 9.5% ; No: 90.5%
  • QUESTION 4: Yes: 63.6% ; No: 36.4%
  • QUESTION 5: Yes: 50% ; No: 50%
  • QUESTION 6: Yes: 14.2% ; No: 85.8%
  • QUESTION 7: Yes: 9.5% ; No: 90.5%
  • QUESTION 8: Yes: 80.9% ; No: 19.1%
  • QUESTION 9: Yes: 75% ; No: 25%
  • QUESTION 10: Heterosexual: 100%; Homosexual: 0%; Bisexual: 0%


    War Library analyses of Results for 15 Mar 2007:

    Because advocates for open homosexuality in the military estimate the number of homosexuals serving in the military to be between 20% to 35%, and because these same advocates estimate that an overwhelming majority of heterosexuals in the military favor or approve of eliminating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" so that they can serve openly with gay and lesbian servicemembers, the 100% number of reported heterosexuals responding prior to 15 Mar 2007 suggests that a number of respondents were homosexuals and/or bisexuals who responded dishonestly to the survey for purpose of skewing the results to favor eliminating "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". Additionally, the observable fact that homosexual and bisexual respondents deliberately attempted to dishonestly skew the survey results in their favor indicates that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" must be continued because honesty and integrity, both being components of morality, are essential in employments that decide matters of human life and death.

    The War Library strongly encourages all to respond honestly to all questions, and to conduct your own analyses of the periodic results. Please email The War Library the URL where your periodic analyses is published. Periodically, new survey results and/or War Library analyses will be posted below.

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