Survey: Are Homosexuals Coming Out To Avoid Combat Service?

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Are Homosexuals 'Coming Out' To Avoid Combat Service?


TOPIC (03182007): At the same time the United State military (mostly Army and Marines) is experiencing larger numbers of AWOLs, desertions and suicides to avoid service or re-service in Iraq and Afghanistan, a larger number than usual of military personnel are volunteering statements to their commanders that they are homosexual, knowing full well that the current "Dont' Ask, Don't Tell" law mandates their immediate discharge.

During the early months of the Vietnam War era, a growing number of draftees falsely claimed to be homosexual (Jimi Hendrix is a well known example) during their pre-induction interviews for the purpose of being permanently exempted from military service, and possible service in Vietnam. However, when the Department of Defense became aware of this ever widening practice among military resisters, a new policy was established to induct these men and segregate them into special, all-homosexual, Basic Training units. After BT their personnel files were 'tagged' to indicate their (self-proclaimed) homosexual status to ensure later commands were fully notified to take whatever measures they deemed necessary to ensure these men did not disrupt morale or enjoy lesser duty because their participation in group work was often harmful to morale.

During the Vietnam War, the estimated, average lifespan of certain military professions was common knowledge on Army training bases. For example, infantrymen who operate closest to enemy forces had a much lower life expectancy in Vietnam than did cooks or personnel clerks who operated on rear bases. Today, the men who would be most exposed to the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan are linguists operating as interpreters. Curiously, advocates petitioning the Department of Defense and legislators for homosexuals to serve openly in the military report no discharged linguists seeking employment as private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan to serve as interpreters for military infantry units.

After the end of the Vietnam War when the risk of death evaporated, the military began seeing a rise in homosexual recruits seeking to enjoy the close personal contact and exposure to the objects of their sexual desire. This rise in homosexual enlistment developed into so damaging a morale situation that by the 1990's a new policy was required. Hence, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" was established.


QUESTION 1/8: During wartime, should military personnel who claim they are homosexual, knowing the current law mandates they be discharged, be required to submit proof in the form of either the person or persons they have engaged in homosexual acts, or eyewitnesses of their homosexual acts?


QUESTION 2/8: Should the military investigative services conduct post-discharge investigations of stated homosexuals to determine if they are engaging in heterosexual relations, and therefore lied about homosexuality to avoid hazardous or unwanted duty?


QUESTION 3/8: Should the military retain homosexuals but segregate homosexuals in separate living quarters just as males and females are segregated?


QUESTION 4/8: Female anatomy renders women soldiers immediately identifiable to males as well as members of their sex. However, by appearance homosexuals are, on the surface, indistinguishable from heterosexuals. Should the military permit homosexuals to serve openly but create patches, collar insignia, different uniforms, etc., to render homosexuals easily identifiable to members of their sex?


QUESTION 5/8: How do you classify your sexuality?


QUESTION 6/8: This question is for single male heterosexuals only: If the military gave you the choice of billeting and showering in the women's barracks would you choose to billet with male soldiers or female soldiers?

    I would prefer to reside with Males
    I would prefer to reside with Females

QUESTION 7/8: This question is for single female heterosexuals only: If the military gave you the choice of billeting and showering in the men's barracks would you choose to billet with female soldiers or male soldiers?

    I would prefer to reside with Males
    I would prefer to reside with Females

QUESTION 8/8: This question is for single homosexuals only: If the military gave you the choice of billeting and showering in a homosexual-only barracks of your sex, would you choose to billet with homosexual soldiers of your sex or heterosexual soldiers of your sex?

    I would prefer to reside with Homosexuals
    I would prefer to reside with Heterosexuals

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