Survey: Should the US participate in Operation Allied Force?
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Should the US participate in
Operation Allied Force?

Topic: The U.S. has contributed extensive assets and thousands of military personnal to NATO's Op Allied Force. The cost in dollars and potential cost in casualties to the American people may be heavy. However, the US and NATO countries have, what they believe, may be their best and only opportunity to finally eradicate racial divisions in the region that gave birth to WW1, subsequently WW2, at a cost of millions of lives lost and trillions of dollars diverted from more productive endeavors such as cancer study, elimination of poverty, improved food production, etc. With all this in mind, should the US continue its involvement in Op Allied Force?

What is your opinion?

Should the US pull out of NATO's Operation Allied Force?

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Do you see a parallel between Op Allied Force and Vietnam?

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Did you serve in Vietnam during the war (1955-1975)?

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