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Should the Iraq Campaign Medal Reflect Multiple Tours?


TOPIC: Currently, the Iraq (pictured, left) and Afghanistan campaign medals do not reflect multiple tours of duty in-country. Some officers at the Pentagon state that the decision to disallow for bronze service stars (pictured, left) to be worn on the ICM and ACM was politically motivated because the current White House Administration at the time both medals were established did not wish the American public to be aware that some military personnel were being re-assigned to Iraq or Afghanistan multiple times. However, it should also be noted that the Vietnam, Korea, and WWIII Service Medals do not reflect bronze service stars for multiple in-country tours. (Bronze Service Stars on the Vietnam and Korea Service Medals reflect multiple campaigns served during any single in-country tour of duty.)

QUESTION 1/2: Should the Iraq and Afghanistan Campaign medals utilize devices such as bronze service stars or numerals to reflect the number of tours served in-country?


QUESTION 2/2: If no devices are to be authorized to display number of tours, should the Department of Defense designate named campaigns (such as "The Liberation of Iraq Campaign", "The Post-Mission Accomplished Campaign", "The Pre-National Election Campaign", "The Surge I Campaign", "The Surge II Campaign", etc., etc.)?