Your thoughts on achieving National Security via Racial Equality
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Your thoughts on achieving
American National Security via Racial Equality


An Argument for Achieving Full Racial Equality in America

Virtually all of humankind's wars and social conflicts are rooted in race, history's color-coded means of identifying economic competitors.

The United States of America was created specifically to create a single nation democratically and spiritually open to all of God's self-image, the human race.

Those among our Founding Fathers who argued bitterly for an end to slavery on our continent briefly compromised their desire for full equality for all so that the Colony representatives participating in the construction of our Constitutional and national government would first agree to unite... and, hopefully... later agree to abolish human subjection of one race by another. Their principle reason for compromise, amidst a bitter war against a hostile and brutal foreign power, was needed to solidify and guarantee American national security before we as a nation could guarantee full domestic security for each and every American living between our two shining seas.

As history has recorded, it was only at that precise moment when our national security was guaranteed from foreign attack, in 1860, that we re-opened our national discussion for achieving domestic security. Unfortunately, uncompromising individuals and organizations in the South refused to end their unfair business practice of developing internationally competitive products produced from cost-free labor... in direct competition with their industrial competitors in the North. War broke out.

America survived its Civil War only because no other rival nation was in a military position to contest/conquer us... a time of unquestioned American vulnerability.

Today, only slightly more than one hundred years after our near self-destruction, our nation again has the opportunity to re-open our national discussion on completing the mission of our Founding Fathers: to achieve full human status for all born to or granted legal United States citizenship. And, as in 1797 and 1897, attaining an incontestable national security for our nation remains our strongest argument for achieving full racial equality and eliminating all vestiges of ethnic divisiveness in America.

Today, well over 25% of African-American males naturally endowed with full American citizenship by birthright have, either on their own volition or forced by racist conditions/initiatives, become constituents of local, state or federal law enforcement supervision/regulation. Each of these (hundreds of thousands) men are now legally rendered ineligible for military service in the defense of our national security -- barring a global emergency. (The numbers of other racial minority groups, although not as high as African-Americans, are equally high in their ineligibility ratios.)

However, it is not the actual number of court-certified ineligibles that has produced a condition requiring the United States in recent years to move toward opening its combat military professions to females or persons of admitted homosexual or objectionably moral orientation (who were previously and correctly proven to be either physically or psychologically unable to handle many of the harsh and demanding rigors of historically male-dominated warfare). It is the angry backlash from male family members and friends of those subjected to law enforcement supervision who resist and resent participation in our military and national defense. Indeed, it is this multi-million number reduction of qualified military eligibles that has produced the above mentioned condition.

One way to rectify this unacceptable deficiency -- which during the Vietnam War (and devastating loss of that engagement) produced a need to introduce unqualified individuals into military service who otherwise would never have been admitted -- is to begin today reversing any and all racist conditions that impact negatively on producing/ensuring military eligibility for those human history has proven are best qualified to defend their nation.

The American military society is a microcosm of its parent, the American public society. If we can be successful in reducing, indeed eliminating, racism from our public society we will be successful in producing the needed high military eligibles who possess those qualities necessary to expediently resolve any hostile engagement threatening our global national security.

Every American veteran must first discuss this crucial issue within himself, then open a dialogue amongst those he served with.

The President of the United States and Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces has recently asked for an open dialogue on race. We who respect those constitutionally authorized to make requests of us should comply.

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