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What is causing the high number of sexual attacks on American servicewomen in Iraq?


TOPIC: There have been more incidents of sexual assault on American women in Iraq than World War II (five years duration), Korea (four years duration) and Vietnam (twenty years duration) combined. During the first Gulf War approximately 24 (twenty-four) percent of the American military women assigned to the Persain Gulf area (8 [eight] percent landbased; 16 [sixteen] percent sea-based) were sent back to the United States due to pregnancy; most were discharged. All of these 1990-91 cases resulted from consentual sex. Analysts at the Department of Defense concluded that these 1990-91 consentual pregnancies occured because the affected women did not wish to serve in a designated war zone and correctly determined that pregnancy was a way out of combat or out of the military. However, the number of consentual pregnancies during the current war in Iraq (approximately 2 [two] percent) is far less than the number of homosexuals (both male and female) who have volunteered for discharge to avoid war service in Iraq by purposefully disclosing their homosexuality to their commanding officers.) The current low number of consentual pregnancies clearly indicates that American military women today desire to serve in a combat area.

QUESTION 1/1: Which of the following, in your opinion, is the greatest single reason for the very high number of sexual assaults by American male military personnel in Iraq against American military women in Iraq? (Please carefully review all of the following options before selecting your most important of the choices.)

    Women serving in Iraq do not wish to become pregnant so they are refusing requests for sex from their male unit members.

    Women deliberately do things or go places where they know they might be raped

    Women unknowingly do things or go places where they risk being raped

    There aren't enough single, heterosexual military women in Iraq to service the large number of military males

    Women are not using common sense by realizing that their male counterparts don't have a sexual outlet in Iraq

    Due to strict Islamic fundamentalist belief regarding male interaction with females, American military commanders are not providing local prostitutes for their men in Iraq as they did in other wars

    Islamic fundamentalists are assassinating known Iraqi prostitutes

    American military commanders are not providing weekend R&R once per month for male personnel to fly to a non-Islamic state where prostitutes are available

    Evangelist chaplains are imposing a zero-tolerance rule against unmarried sex among American military personnel serving in Iraq

    American generals are more concerned with political matters and appeasing the White House than concerning themselves with the sexual needs of the young men under their command

    Because military doctors are so prioritized toward saving life or limb they have failed to prescribe sexual inhibitor chemicals to military meal production

    The U.S. military has recruited too many men with prior criminal histories

    The U.S. military has recruited too teenage male virgins who have decided to commit rape as their first sexual encounter because they believe they might die before having consentual sex with a female

    There aren't enough male homosexuals and transvestites in our military to sap the sexual energy of heterosexuals

    None of the above because the Iraq war was/is so poorly commanded by incompetents in both the White House and the Pentagon, everything that can go wrong has and continues to go wrong

    Another reason:

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