SURVEY: Should there be a new federal agency to catch criminals before they strike

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Should there be a new federal agency to catch criminals before they strike ?

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TOPIC: Since the late 1980's with the creation of electronic communication medium the world has experienced terrible acts of human slaughter committed by individuals. All of these criminals interacted through the internet (and pre-internet modem) with (web)sites or individuals who clearly posed or advocated anti-social and dangerous bechavior. In fact, all of these criminals evolved or enhanced their criminal personalities, and later fatal activities, by way of electronic medium.

Deeply concerned about the increase in mass killings here in America and abroad, agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration have recently called for the creation of a new federal agency to monitor behavioral patterns or evidence in criminal and pre-criminal communications for the purpose of preventing more acts of violence such as the recent murders of school children in Newtown CT. DEA Agents say current federal data-mining of electronic communications to seek terrorist activity should be expanded to profile to identify future criminals before they evolve into killing mode.

QUESTION 1/1: Should a new federal agency be created to identify and prevent future acts of violence against innocent Americans and their children?


NOTE: Drug Agents have discussed this on their website at

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