Survey: Should Haitian leaders publicly award the US Humanitarian Service Medal?

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Should Haitian leaders hold publicized ceremonies to award the US Humanitarian Service Medal to American Military Personnel for assisting in Haiti's national emergency?

TOPIC: President Hamid Karzai nor any Afghan leader has ever held a public ceremony to award the US Operation Enduring Freedom Medal to US military personnel concluding their service in Afghanistan to show Afghanistan's appreciation for American military assistance. At no time has any leader in the Iraqi government held a public ceremony awarding the US Operation Iraqi Freedom Medal to departing American military personnel upon conclusion of their duty in Iraq. There has been no announcement by the President or any senior Haitian government official declaring their intent to award the US Humanitarian Service Medal to American military personnel concluding their humanitarian service in Haiti. (Click the medal image for medal Issue Regulations.)

QUESTION 1/2: Should a member of the government that is assisted by American military personnel convey their appreciation for US military assistance by holding a public ceremony to award the US military medal for service to groups of GI's finishing up their tour of duty in the foreign country?


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