SURVEY: Should Pawn Shops Refuse to Buy/Sell Military Medals

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Should Pawn Shops Refuse to Buy/Sell Military Medals?

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TOPIC: U.S. Military medals have always been high-theft items. However, over the past decade and-a-half the theft of military medals has increased as illegal drug addictions and recession-related crimes have also increased. Although the selling and buying of military medals is legal, many stolen medals are sold to Pawn Shops for quick cash. Home burglary remains the most active method that thieves use to obtain military medals, exposing potential injury to aging veterans and their spouses.

QUESTION 1/3: Should the United States Attorney General issue a request to owners of Pawn Shops across the U.S. asking that they stop purchasing military medals, and thereby greatly reduce loss and possible harm to their owners?


QUESTION 2/3: Should The USAG also ask charity stores such as The Salvation Army and Goodwill to please send all donated medals to the SecDef to reduce the number of individuals who buy them and falsely claim to be their recipient?


QUESTION 3/3: Did you serve in the U.S. military?


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