SURVEY: Ranking of new DOD Distinguished Warfare Medal

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Ranking of new DOD Distinguished Warfare Medal

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TOPIC: Several years ago drone 'pilots' operating great distances from the battlefield and exposed to no physical enemy threat, petitioned the Dept of Defense to award them the Air Medal which is authorized to in-flight personnel for achievement while flying over enemy territory. The DOD rejected this petition. However, the DOD very recently created a new medal for drone 'pilots' that will rank above the Bronze Star Medal for Valor that is awarded to combat personnel who operate on battlefields and physically engage with enemy forces that exert lethal force. (If you wish to discuss this issue with others you can do so in the Military Medal Research Forum)

QUESTION 1/4: Do you agree that a medal awarded to personnel who do not operate in harms way should rank higher than a medal awarded to battlefield personnel who are directly exposed to enemy harm?


QUESTION 2/4: Did you serve on land in a designated hostile zone that drew hostile service pay?


QUESTION 3/4: Did you serve on battlefield that directly engaged hostile forces?


QUESTION 4/4: Were you ever exposed to enemy fire?


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