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Should the new DOD Distinguished Warfare Medal be Re-Classified as a Skill Qualification Badge?

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TOPIC: Massive veteran and military objection to the new DOD Distinguished Warfare Medal recently authorized appears to be centered on two major issues: First, the new medal is authorized for recipients who do not serve in harm's way yet the new medal is ranked above other medals, such as the Bronze Star Medal for Valor, that is awarded for combat theater service. Second, the new award appears to reward a serviceperson for his or her accomplishment in killing other humans. In the history of the United States no medal has ever been authorized to reward for killing.

Other military professions that perform a similar skill-based mission to drone 'pilots', such as torpedomen on subs and snipers on battlefields who are under constant enemy threat, are not authorized medals for successfully performing their military jobs. These skilled marksmen are, however, accredited with qualification badges to signify their skill level in carrying out their necessary duties.

QUESTION 1/4: Should the new DOD Warfare Medal be abolished and a qualification/duty award such as the Weapons (Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert) badge be authorized in its place?


QUESTION 2/4: If the new DOD Warfare Badge is retained, should other kill-skill professions be made eligible for its authorization?


QUESTION 3/4: Did you serve on battlefield that directly engaged hostile forces?


QUESTION 4/4: Were you ever exposed to enemy fire?


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