SURVEY: PTSD: Should mental illness prevent gun ownership

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PTSD: Should mental illness prevent gun ownership?

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TOPIC: PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) is clinically classified as a mental illness.

However, just as some veterans view PTSD not as a mental illness but as an 'imposed lifestyle', other veterans view PTSD (Payment To Suppress Depression) as a profit motive. This latter veteran group believes that if a man gets a headcold he will work hard to get rid of that cold, but if a man gets PTSD he will keep PTSD as long as the Veterans Administration pays him money every month he retains that illness.

But now there is a new element... the increase in horrific gun crimes committed by persons who have been diagnosed with a mental illness has increased demand by a fearful public to get guns out of the hands, and far from the possession, of the mentally ill. This movement is growing nationally and attention on the diagnosed mentally ill will affect mentally ill veterans who own firearms.

QUESTION 1/5: Should all mentally ill persons, whether or not they served in the military, be prevented from having access to a firearm?


QUESTION 2/5: Do you think that being able to own a firearm might be an incentive for a veteran diagnosed with PTSD to be cured?


QUESTION 3/5: Do you agree that if PTSD is a "self-diagnosed" mental illness, that a "self-cure" can be achieved by the veteran who claims ownership of the illness?


QUESTION 4/5: Do you believe that monetary compensation from the VA for having PTSD will be more attractive to a veteran diagnosed as mentally ill than owning a firearm?


QUESTION 5/5: Did you serve in the military?


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