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Using Health Care as a Recruiting tool?

Some veterans believe that the best way to convince potential recruits that military service is in their best interest is to treat those who served with the highest possible degree of appreciation. When sons and nephews see their fathers and uncles treated well by the VA they will have confidence in their also being treated well after their military service. The G.I. Education Bill and Veterans Health Care are as much recruiting tools as they are veteran's benefits.

As a tool to encourage the best and brightest youth to enlist and serve in our military, free lifetime medical care for the non-retiree veteran would be an incentive to enlist and serve Honorably.

QUESTION 1/1: Should President/CINC Obama establish new VA law that will provide full and free, non-transferrable health care to any Honorably Discharged military veteran in order to help recruit and retain the best and brightest enlistees to serve Honorably in our military?


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