SURVEY: Should the President order a job-enhancing DD-214?

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Should the President order a job-enhancing DD-214?
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TOPIC: Current discharging American veterans are allowed two versions of their DD-214. One version (Member #1 copy) excludes re-enlistment codes intended for military recruiters only. However, this version also excludes the veteran's discharge status (Honorable, General, etc.), that employers have a right to consider when deciding to employ a veteran. The other version (Member #4 copy), provides the veteran's Discharge status, but also displays the reason for the veteran's discharge and the veteran's re-enlistment eligibility in the form of an RE code. These two items are intended solely for use by military recruiters only.

By law an employer is not permitted to consider the reasons for a veteran's Discharge nor the veteran's re-enlistment eligibility when evaluating employment, but many employers illegally take these two items into consideration simply because they are available on the Member #4 copy that lists the veteran's Discharge Status. Consequently, many veterans possessing a discharge status or a re-enlistment code that a discriminating employer may unilaterally deem less than honorable or less than acceptable under the highest possible standards are rejected for employment, and these veterans find it very challenging to find work.

QUESTION 1/2: Should the President as Commander-in-Chief immediately order all military branches to provide a DD-214 Member #1 copy that lists Discharge Status but does not list the reason for the veteran's discharge nor re-enlistment eligibility?


QUESTION 2/2: Do you know for certain, or feel that you may have been denied employment because of your Discharge Status or your re-enlistment code?


Definitions of Discharge Codes (Separation Program Designators [SPD]), and Re-enlistment Codes (RE) are provided for veterans to review:

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