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Should Non-military Medals Be Named After Military Medals?

Over the past thirty years since the Vietnam War ended many law enforcement, local government and private agencies have created medals which they have named after existing military medals. For example, virtually every law enforcement agency now has a "Purple Heart Medal" or a "Medal of Honor", and many cities and private organizations award a "Bronze Star" or "Silver Star" medal. Many of these medals even resemble the official military version.

Some members of the military and veterans organizations fear the "name stealing" and "image borrowing" of US military medals for non-military issue will not only confuse average citizens about the military status of the medal and the recipient, but also lessen the integrity of military medals that are awarded after great human sacrifice or high performance under above and beyond circumstances.

QUESTION 1: Should the Commander in Chief issue an Executive Order, or should Congress enact a law that prohibits the creation of non-military medals using the same name of existing military medals?

    The CINC should issue and ExecOrder
    Congress should enact a law
    Neither, non-military entities should be allowed to imitate by name or image any military medal

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