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Should the White House and Department of Defense plan homecoming parades for the units that served in Iraq?

TOPIC: The most frequest complaint expressed by both Korea and Vietnam War veterans is that there were no parades or homecomings marking the end of hostilities in their wars. As of this time neither the White House nor DOD has scheduled any Homecoming or "Victory" celebrations to mark the end of combat operations in Iraq as the last combat units in Iraq are scheduled to return home at the end of August 2010..

QUESTION 1/2: Should the White House and/or DOD make some effort to avoid military and veteran disillusionment and disappointment by organizing, supporting and promoting Homecoming Parades in communities across the Nation to mark the end of US combat activities in Iraq?


QUESTION 2/2: Are you an active or former member of the military, or do you have at least one family member who served in uniform now or in the past?

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