SURVEY: Should Homeless vets be hired as VA Record File Expediters?

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SURVEY: Should Homeless vets be hired as VA Record File Expediters?

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TOPIC: Single homeless veterans need two things: One, a safe and secure place to live until they can 'get on their feet'. And two, a job that will help them to become and remain self-sustaining.

The VA needs two things: One, GS 3-to-5 level Record File technicians. And two, Military record files that are digitized, organized, accessibly archived and centralized to expedite research and access by VSO's and VA hospitals nationwide.

The VA has the capability to provide all of the above. Honorably discharged veterans with no criminal background can be housed in safe, managed facilities and employed to create a nationwide, state-of-the-art VA record file system. Upon stabilizing their lives, veterans with a newly established work resume can move on to other jobs in the private sector or remain employed by the VA, increasing the number of military veterans employed by the VA to assist other vets.

"No Vet can complain when Vets work for Vets."

QUESTION 1/1: Should the VA consider hiring veterans that are certified by VSO's around the country as homeless, to work in the VA file system to make it so efficient that backlogs are never again caused by record file locating, access, retrieval or maintenance problems?


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