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Should General Eric Shinseki be recalled to duty?

Prior to the invasion of Iraq several prominent officers, advisors and diplomats strongly argued against invading Iraq for a variety of reasons. Many officials resigned in protest to the decision by George W. Bush and his closest advisors to invade. One officer, General Eric Shiseki, in following his sworn oath to report truthfully to Congress, testified that the Bush plan to invade Iraq came up short. In detail, General Shinseki told Congress that if such an invasion were ordered far more US military "boots on the ground" were required than the anemic force envisioned under the proposed plan submitted by George Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld who estimated that war could be "waged on the cheap" and only a small US military force would be "more than sufficient" to successfully invade and maintain order in Iraq. Because of his honesty General Shinseki was informed that his current appointment as Army Chief of Staff would not be renewed, he would not be permitted to take a different Army post, and his only option was to remove his name from the active list as quickly as possible. In other words, Shinseki was fired for refusing to subordinate his decades of training, experience and command judgment to the whims of those who had never served in the military, never served in war, and possessed and amateurish perception of the real world and human reaction to invasion.

History now reveals that General Shinseki's assessment was correct, and had the American force numbered the personnel recommended by General Shinseki thousands of American and Iraqi lives, along with trillions of dollars of property damage would have been saved.

QUESTION 1/3: Should General Shinseki be recalled to duty by the incoming president and commander in chief?


QUESTION 2/3: Which position should General Shinseki be asked to assume?

    Chairman, Joint Chiefs
    Army Chief of Staff, Joint Chiefs
    Ambassador to Iraq
    Commanding General, Southern Command
    Some othr senior command or diplomatic post

QUESTION 3/3: Should others who resigned or were fired for opposing the invasion or Iraq also be offered new jobs?


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