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Who Should Lead the VA ?

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You are encouraged to inform your elected member of the House of Representatives and Senate of this Survey.

TOPIC: If General Eric Shiseki leaves his post as SecVA, who do you think President Obama should ask to lead the VA.

QUESTION 1/1: Who of the following would you like be the SecVA? (listed in alphabetical order)

    George W. Bush, former President
    Hillary Clinton, former SecState
    Greg Davis, form CA Gov
    David Eisenhower, Statesman
    Jack Jacobs, MOH recipient
    Bob Kerry, former Senator
    John McCain, current Senator
    Barry McCaffey, former DirONDCP
    Stanley McChrystal, former General
    David Patraeus, former CIA Dirctor
    Colin Powell, former SecState
    Eric Shinseki, current SecVA
    Or... Name someone not listed above

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