SURVEY: Is the WH using Bergdahl to distract from the VA scandal

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Is the WH using Bergdahl to distract from the VA scandal?

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TOPIC: The following was published today on This report was submitted by a person working inside the White House: "Sgt Bergdahl's sudden release was carried out for the sole purpose of ending mass media coverage of the VA scandal. The Sgt's parents were contacted and assisted in being brought here to the WH on Saturday, the day after Shinseki resigned. The parents had been notified on Thursday, the day before Shinseki resigned. And the Chief (Barack Obama) knew of Shinseki's resignation as early as last Tuesday. Also, the people here made the big mistake of thinking that the Sgt's release would bring thunderous praise from veteran's groups who would quickly forget, or forgive, the VA scandal."

QUESTION 1/2: Do you agree that the White House deliberately engineered the Bergdahl release for the purpose of distracting veterans and the media's attention from the VA scandal?


QUESTION 2/2: Which story do you feel the news media should give greater coverage to?

    VA scandal

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