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Should the Government Eliminate Contractors ?

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TOPIC: Since 2001 thousands of services once provided and performed only by federal employees, both civilian and military, have been transferred to private contractors at a cost that exceeds the payroll for government employees. Since 2001 there have been continuous security breaches at the VA, HSA, CIA, NSA and other federal agencies... with the vast majority of these security and data breaches being directly associated with private contractors. Military operations, and particularly war ops in combat theaters, have been slowed or forced to cancel because assignments to contractors failed to perform their functions on the timetable required. Military deaths have occured because of faultly performance or construction by private contractors doing work that was traditionally performed by military personnel.

QUESTION 1/5: Should the military eliminate private contractors who perform service jobs and transfer those jobs back to military personnel?


QUESTION 2/5: Should government agencies return to using federal employees to perform internal operations?


QUESTION 3/5: Would the VA function better if only federal employees performed VA work?


QUESTION 4/5: Would there be fewer data and security breaches if private contractors were replaced by federal employees?


QUESTION 5/5: Are members of Congress who like to "shrink government" by transferring federal jobs to private contractors hurting or helping our national security?


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