SURVEY: Re-instate the Draft, and include Women?

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Re-instate the Draft, and include Women?

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TOPIC: There are, unquestionably, serious problems in our military today that some leaders feel could be fixed if The Draft was re-instated. These problems are described in several very tough questions in the Survey questions below... .

QUESTION 1/7: World Wars I and II were expediently and victoriously ended due to military conscription that disallowed the "frivolous" exemptions permitted during the Vietnam War purposefully enacted to provide tertiary schools a 'customer/student' base. If The Draft was re-instated should most Vietnam War Era exemptions be deleted and all persons in the Selective Service System, including those with physical conditions that can be employed in non-injurious, limited-duty military professions be required to serve?


QUESTION 2/7: Rape and crime increased in the US military as a direct parallel to waiving an enlistee's prior criminal history, low aptitude and measurable personality disorders in order to achieve needed recruitment levels during the Global Wars on Terror. A re-instated Draft would require inductees who possessed higher education levels, job skills, moral ethics, and a strong desire to complete their military missions for the earliest possible release from active duty. Would increasing the quality of military personnel be achieved by re-instating The Draft??


QUESTION 3/7: Females have traditionally been exempt from The Draft, permitting them to obtain corporate and Civil Service job skills and experience in the workplace while males were called to military service. Women are demanding "equal pay for equal work" and access to jobs that only males, in physical strength and socialization preparedness for harsh conditions that every human finds difficult to endure, but which males commonly have developed by way of personal and interactive challenges since their early youth. Women are demanding higher promotions and greater authority... all of which increased during WWI and accelerated during WWII when men only were required to suspend their careers to serve in the military when The Draft was active. Should females be included in The Draft so that they are truly 'equal' with men?


QUESTION 4/7: The current birth rate of America's two traditionally dominant racial groups, white and black, have indisputably declined since the Civil Rights Act of 1965 provided females greater access to the workplace. Some in our country are greatly despondent that the white birth rate has, as of this year [2013] now fallen below the white death rate... in other words, for the first time in American history, more Caucasians are now dying than are being born. Females who work produce fewer or no children. However, pregnancy would necessitate exemption from The Draft. Would re-instating The Draft increase traditionally American births due to females getting pregnant for the purpose of avoiding military service?


QUESTION 5/7: Did you serve in the US military?


QUESTION 6/7: Did you serve in a combat theater?


QUESTION 7/7: Are you male or female?


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