SURVEY: Does the Selective Service System Discriminate Against Males?

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Does the Selective Service System Discriminate Against Males?

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TOPIC: President Obama's used his Executive signature for the first time on 29 Jan 2009 when he signed The Fair Pay Act that equalized the pay of male and female employees. Before and after his re-election President Obama has repeatedly endorsed equalizing gender benefits and responsibility, with the exception of Selective Service. Himself the father of a female who will reach 18 years during his last year in office, President Obama has shown no interest in equalizing the military service obligation for females as males are required by law to register for on their 18th birthday.

QUESTION 1/4: Is it fair that only males are required to register for military service availability and be required to fulfill up to six-years of military obligation if Drafted, while females of the same age are allowed to pursue education, career or family desires?


QUESTION 2/4: Should females also be required to register with the Selective Service System?


QUESTION 3/4: Does the current Selective Service regulation that applies only to males discriminate against males by preventing them, if ordered to report for military service, from pursuing the same desires as civilians that females are allowed to do?


QUESTION 4/4: Should a lawsuit be filed against the Selective Service System charging discrimination against males by excluding females from performing military service should a President authorize re-activation of the Draft?


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