SURVEY: Should the U.S. Work to Create New States

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Should the U.S. Work to Create New States?

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TOPIC: Since the birth of the United States our country has been forced to expend great wealth and lives due to events and conditions in Mexico, Central and South America. Some of these problems were due to hostile foreign cause, compelling a former U.S. President named James Monroe to issue a Doctrine stating any foreign hostile intervention in the American hemisphere would be treated as an act of war against the United States. Today, however, great issues such as illegal drugs and immigration, expanding enviromental breakdowns, international terrorist influences and plummeting economic conditions south of our border are creating tremendous social and economic problems, as well as rising prices in our 48 states.

One solution to this problem would be to work to incorporate certain Central and South American countries into our Union as new U.S. States. America stopped expanding southward since Arizona was admitted as a State. But the need, for a variety of reasons, to resurrect Manifest Destiny and create new States, if certain countries were willing, could solve an immense number of centuries-old problems in our hemisphere... including vastly enhancing our continent's military security capabilities.

Once upon a time some of our Founding Fathers envisioned the entire American hemisphere being part of the United States of America... and America hasn't really done anything truly big in our best, national interest since we landed men on the moon.

QUESTION 1/1: Should American voters consider creating new States out of Central and South American countries if those countries were willing?


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