SURVEY: Should the U.S. Attorney General ask Congress to enact Email Impersonation or Deception penalties

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Should the U.S. Attorney General ask Congress to enact Email Impersonation or Deception penalties?

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TOPIC: There are punitive federal regulations prohibiting the U.S. Mail being maliciously used in criminal and profit schemes. However, as electronic mail is increasingly used and relied upon, there is still no federal law prohibiting the use of another's name, company, agency or email address either for criminal or profit intent. Veterans and active military personnel are increasingly being targeted by criminal and foreign elements.

QUESTION 1/5: As a new source of federal revenue, should the Congress enact significant financial penalties on any person, group, agency or company that uses someone elses ID or email address for criminal or profit purposes?


QUESTION 2/5: Should the President ask the Attorney General to create a new agency having the function of prosecuting and collecting punitive fines from those convicted of using another's ID or email for criminal, harmful or profit purpose?


QUESTION 3/5: Should the Dept of State authorize blocking internet access from countries that refuse or fail to terminate massive spam that results in full or partial Denial of Serviced, or permits its citizens to attempt to defraud Americans?


QUESTION 4/5: Has your email address ever been used by someone you did not authorize?


QUESTION 5/5: Have you ever received email that was made to appear as if it had been sent by a person or company you are familiar with but was actually sent by someone attempting to fool you into providing personal, banking or employment information to be used for criminal or profit reason?


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