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Should the President end the Sequester by Executive Order?

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TOPIC: The idea of the Sequester was originated by the President to force a warring Congress to agree on a Budget. That idea did not work out. However as the Sequester drags on both the Congress and the President have selectively excluded certain areas from the Sequester, leaving intact the remainder which continues to place a drag on growth and depress Americans. Since the Sequester was the President's idea, should the President be the one to nix his idea.

QUESTION 1/5: Should the President immediately sign an Executiver Order ending the Sequester so that Congress is forced to establish a budget and Americans can get on with their lives without the economic fears caused by the Sequester?


QUESTION 2/5: Should the President issue an Executive Order that only eliminates all areas of military and Department of Veterans Affairs funding from the Sequester?


QUESTION 3/5: Among the following costs, all of which have never been addressed by the President, which one do you feel is the MOST responsible for the slow economy?

    Money spent on high gas prices
    Money spent on illegal drugs
    Money spent on rising food prices
    Money spent on rising rents

QUESTION 4/5: Whom do you feel should take leadership in this abnormally long Recession and assert authority to stabilize the economy by creating jobs and returning consumer spending to normal levels?

    The President
    The Congress
    The Speaker of the House
    The Senate Majority Leader

5/5. And I have this comment to make...

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