SURVEY: Can Mandatory Active Reserve Service Reduce/Eliminate Veteran Homelessness?

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Can Mandatory Active Reserve Service Reduce/Eliminate Veteran Homelessness/Joblessness?

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TOPIC: Studies show that veterans who serve in the Active Reserve are less likely to be homeless and jobless.

QUESTION 1/5: Should the DOD require all discharging veterans released prior to fulfilling their six- or eight-year military service obligation be required to transfer to the Active Reserves to ensure a monthly income and regular review if they have no job or fixed residence awaiting them immediately upon discharge?


QUESTION 2/5: Instead of permitting months of waiting to receive their educational benefit payments after they have left the military or started college, should the DOD work with the VA to ensure that the paperwork required to receive GI Bill checks be initiated at least six months prior to the veteran's discharge?


QUESTION 3/5: Instead of closing sections of military bases and barack facilities, should the DOD provide low-rent, temporary, fully-monitored, non-coed and regulated housing for single veterans who are discharging prior to fulfilling their minimum service obligation but have no fixed residence?


QUESTION 4/5: Should active members of the Reserves who fail drug testing or refuse assistance in gaining employment or residence be subject to military violation and punishment?


QUESTION 5/5: Regardless of their economic or residence status, should all discharging personnel who have not fulfilled their minimum service obligation be required to serve in the Active Reserves, attending regular meetings and receiving Reserve pay, until fulfilling their obligation in order to reduce homelessness or joblessness which occurs mostly among the recently discharged?


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