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Is The New Domestic Terrorism Warning Real?

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TOPIC: During the early months of WW2 after Pearl Harbor, Americans -- mostly in the Western States -- feared they would be subjected to hostile or destructive undertakings by Japanese spies. However, during the course of the war not a single Japanese spy ring, nor individual Japanese spy, was discovered despite many feature films produced in Hollywood claiming just the opposite. Today the Director of Homeland Security issued a formal alert to every law enforcement agency in our country (and some federal agencies with offices in multiple cities, such as the Social Security Administration and the Post Office) to be on the look-out for citizens or foreigners plotting to carry out acts of destruction in retaliation for the ongoing US-led attacks on ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

It has become SOP in every country at war to frighten its citizens into personally feeling the war in their daily lives even if citizens choose to ignore listening to or watching the news. And when no solid internal enemy exists, they are fictionally created for duration of the war. Getting citizens to fear shadowy or unseen figures, even in their imaginations, helps countries to pursue their war objectives with as little anti-war sentiment as possible from citizens.


QUESTION 1/3: Do you believe there will be acts of murder or destruction carried out by domestic or foreign terrorists because of US attacks on ISIS?

    Possible, but not likely

QUESTION 2/3: Are you confident that CIA will learn about and prevent any foreign terrorists from retaliating against American citizens?


QUESTION 3/3: Are you confident that FBI will learn about and prevent any domestic terrorists from retaliating against American citizens?


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