SURVEY: Should Congress Protect Veteran and Military Funerals?

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Should Congress Protect Veteran and Military Funerals?

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TOPIC: Protest groups of all kinds are increasingly using funeral services and/or burials of veterans and military personnel to gain public and news media attention to attract money contributions and membership for their organizations. These protesters claim "free speech" to protect them from arrest and prosecution for trespass, public interference, annoyance and harassment. However, protesters are not permitted to enter federal facilities or cemeteries to disrupt the solemnity of funeral services and cause traumatic stress on innocent families members seeking closure for the loss of their veteran or military person.

QUESTION 1/4: Should Congress enact a new policy that allows non-government funeral providers and cemeteries, along with their passage periphery, temporary federal 'property' status during the period of the Services they are rendering a departed veteran of military person?


QUESTION 2/4: Should the passage periphery outside the non-government church or cemetery where a military-related funeral service is in process extend for a minimum of two blocks in circumference, and its duration extend from one hour prior to one hour after the conclusion of the service?


QUESTION 3/4: Congress currently enables a military honor guard or bugler to participate in veteran funerals and burials. Should Congress base new protective legislation on the premise that the presence of one or more uniformed US military personnel mandates their protection from adverse, interfering, harassing, disruptive or terrorizing protesters?


QUESTION 4/4: Should each arrestee convicted of violating the Congressional 'policy' mentioned in Question One be required to pay a fine equal to or greater, but not less than the cost of the funeral service or burial they are charged with violating?


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