SURVEY: Should Middle East Refugees be permitted to migrate to the US?
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Should Middle East Refugees be permitted to migrate to the US?

TOPIC: President Obama as revised his 20,000 limit on initial emigrants from Syria down to 10,000. However, many members of Congress in both parties fear President Obama will admit possible terrorists access to American streets just as his releasing tens of thousands of imprisoned drug traffikers threaten community security.


QUESTION 1/4: Should the US admit Syrian refugees into the US?


QUESTION 2/4: Should Syrian immigrants be limited to females and children under 16, with no males between the ages of 17 and 60 permitted to enter the US?


QUESTION 3/4: Now that several Syrian immigrants have been apprehended crossing the Southwest border posing as Mexicans, should the Mexican border be closed to all but passport carriers from hemispheric countries?


QUESTION 4/4: If President Obama persistently attempts to oppose Congressional mandate requiring controlled immigration or closing US borders to prevent terrorist immigration, should Articles of Impeachment be filed against President Obama on the grounds he is working counter to protecting American citizens?


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