Survey: The New VA, Should The VA Medical Facilities Be Replaced With A HMO Plan
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 Should The VA Medical Facilities Be Replaced With A HMO?
TOPIC: For decades many American veterans have complained that the VA medical system does not meet their needs. Many veterans are so disappointed with the VA's medical system they refuse to accept medical treatment from the VA. For the past forty years the VA medical system has been subjected to a virtual roller coaster of new and old ideas and strategies intended to improve VA medical care and assist more veterans, but most have not worked to the satisfaction of many veterans.

A completely new concept suggests replacing the entire VA in/outpatient real estate system with a simple HMO-type plan that would issue "Purple Cross" ID/Access cards to every honorably discharged veteran. Veterans could use this card to obtain health care assistance from any physician or health care provider at any medical office or facility. Supporters of this plan say the federal government would save over $10 billion in the first year alone through the sale of all VA medical facility real estate. What do you think?

Should the VA replace its health care real estate with an ID card based HMO Plan that permits veterans to seek health services from any physician or health care facility?
Yes No

Have you ever obtained medical care from a VA facility?
Yes No

If Yes, how to you rate the current VA health care system?
Very Bad Bad Acceptable Good Very Good

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