Survey: How do you rate Veterans Administration public service?
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How do you rate
Veterans Administration public service?

TOPIC: You know what it's like to be served by a company that needs and wants your business. Companies with good public service are polite and prompt because they have to compete for your dollars. But federal agencies that can take your money by taxing you don't have to compete to win you as a 'customer'... they know that they are "the only game in town."

That's what many United States military veterans say about the Veterans Administration. Vets say that they risked their lives to give VA employees an income. But in return, some vets say, they get rudeness, delays, piss-poor service and sometimes outright hostility from VA employees who don't care about biting the hand that feeds them because they know that they have Civil Service protected employement that will not penalize them for abusing a customer. So how do you rate the service you received from the VA?

Good, bad, shi*ty*?

In general, was your VA experience...

      1. Superior
      2. Good
      3. Bad
      4. Really bad

Overall, did you find VA personnel...

      Very helpful
      Somewhat helpful
      Could care less
      Would rather be somewhere else

How long did you have to wait to be served...

      Not long
      About average
      Longer than seemed necessary

Were you helped satisfactorily...

      Not fully
      Not helped
      I'm still waiting for satisfaction

Do you think the VA would be more serviceable to vets if all VA employees were military veterans...

      Damn right
      We need to try it
      Won't make any difference
      Vets are worse

And please note my comment...

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