Survey: Why can't a Vietnam veteran be elected president?
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Survey: Why can't a Vietnam veteran be elected president?

TOPIC: Since the end of the Vietnam War only two Vietnam veterans (Albert Gore and John Kerry) have been chosen to be the official nominee of their Party. Both of these Vietnam veterans were Democrats... and both were defeated by a person who personally chose not to serve in Vietnam. In the 32 years since the end of the Vietnam War the Republican Party has never selected a Vietnam veteran to be its Presidential candidate... and when twice given the chance in 2000 and 2004 to nominate a Vietnam veteran as their candidate, the Republican Party chose a Vietnam War evader, former illegal drug user and the first president to be elected with a criminal conviction on his law enforcement record (George W. Bush). This person was chosen by his Party over a Vietnam veteran (John W. McCain) who volunteered to serve in Vietnam, never used illegal drugs and had/has an unblemished law enforcement record... currently this same Vietnam vet (McCain) is running behind the Republican Party's (poll/survey statistically) lead candidate (Rudy Guiliani) who has a history of dressing up as a woman at social events and who sought and obtained waivers to avoid military service during the Vietnam War.

OTHER FACTS PERTINENT TO THIS SURVEY: Since the end of WW2 America has had elected eleven presidents:

  • Five have served in combat theaters (Ref #1);
  • Ten have served in the military (Ref #2);
  • Four were Army, Six were Navy
  • Six attempted to avoid ground combat service (Ref #3); two of whom declared on their enlistment contracts that they did not wish to serve at anytime or in anyplace outside the United States (Ref #4)
  • Eight veterans and one non-veteran have either requested or approved all Congression legislation or signed Executive Orders designed to improve or better the lives of active military or veterans. (Ref #5)
  • Two have vetoed or threatened vetoes of legislation intended to improve combat military or veteran funding (Ref# 6)

QUESTION 1/1: Why do YOU think the American public has so far refused to elect a Vietnam War veteran to be President of the United States?

    Vietnam vets are like women, they either compete with or hate each other

    Vietnam vets are embittered because the Communists took over South Vietnam

    WW2 and Korea vets treated Vietnam vets like dirt in the 1960's, 70's and 80's

    Too many Vietnam vets are PTSD claimants

    The majority of non-veterans in Congress are cowards who dodged the Draft or avoided serving in Vietnam and continue to suppress true heroes

    Too many Vietnam vets never finished High School

    Drug use in Vietnam incapacitated too many Vietnam vets

    Most, but not all, Vietnam vets were teenagers in Vietnam who never matured psychologically to hold responsible positions

    Too many Vietnam vets are cry-babies who whine and blame others for their personal failures

    Americans who were anti-war during the Vietnam conflict still hold an animosity for the men and women who agreed to serve in Vietnam rather than go to jail or flee to Canada

    The standard, public image of the typical Vietnam veteran is that of a low-life (baseball cap, bearded, embittered, homeless or semi-homeless, PTSD or psychologically troubled, active or former drug abuser, alcoholic, etc.) and is so bad most Americans have sympathy but no confidence in the leadership capacity of those who served in Vietnam

    Not enough successful Vietnam vets are known to the American public, and the news media which was against the war in Vietnam refuses to showcase successful Vietnam veterans

    America just wants the entire Vietnam veteran population to die so that they can forget the first foreign war America lost

    None of the above... In 250 characters or less, state your own reason why you think the American public has failed to elect a Vietnam veteran to be president of the United States:

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