Survey: House Homeless Vets in Empty VA Space?
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Should We House Homeless Vets in Empty VA Space?

1. Should empty VA hospital space be made available to homeless veterans until they can get back on their feet?
Yes No

2. Should a $1 tax filing contribution for homeless vets be placed on income tax forms?
Yes No

3. Should Defense Contractors be REQUIRED to make tax deductible contributions into a School Fund for higher educational benefits for veterans who have exhausted their G.I. Bill educational benefits?
Yes No

4. Should ANY employer who hires a vet be permitted to deduct the amount equal to a veteran's salary from their GROSS sales figure to encourage hiring veterans and military?
Yes No

5. Did/do you SERVE in the U.S. military?
If NO, please skip the next question
Yes No

6. Which service branch?
Army Navy Marine Air Force Coast Guard Merchant Marine

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