Survey: Should the Vietnam War Service Medal be revoked?
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Should the Vietnam Service Medal be revoked or should its design be changed according to the instructions of the Communist government in Vietnam

TOPIC: The Department of State under (General) Colin Powell has signaled the Communist government of Vietnam that it agrees with that government's desire to prohibit the display of the Republic of (South) Vietnam flag anywhere in the United States. Having succeeded so far in getting the Bush Administration to prevent the former RVN flag from flying in the state of Virginia, the Communist government in Hanoi is now demanding that the State of California prohibit the RVN flag from being flown or displayed in California's large Vietnamese immigrant communities, and also to prohibit any display of the RVN flag by anyone, anywhere in the United States if the U.S. wishes to remain on friendly relations with the Communist government in Hanoi.

As you know, the Vietnam Service Medal (reference information) symbolizes the former South Vietnamese flag. Many Vietnam War veterans proudly display their Vietnam War Service medal in shadow boxes and wear their full-size medals when participating in Veterans Day and Memorial Day events. And in 1988 Vietnam veterans such as Phill Coleman have advocated all Vietnam War veterans to wear their Vietnam War Service ribbon on their shirt collar every day (reference information).

QUESTION: Should the Vietnam War Service Medal which displays the image of the former Republic of (South) Vietnam flag be revoked, or should a new Vietnam War Service medal be designed from instructions dictated by the Communist government in Hanoi, Vietnam?

    Yes, the Bush Administration should comply with the demands of the Hanoi government
    No, the Bush Administration should not revoke or change the original design of the Vietnam War Service medal

Did you serve in Vietnam?

    Yes, I am a Vietnam Veteran
    No, I did not serve in Vietnam

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The Vietnam Service Medal was established by Executive Order 11231 from President Johnson's desk on 8 July 1965.

The distinctive design was the creation of sculptor Thomas Hudson Jones, a former employee of the Army's Institute of Heraldry.

The service medal was awarded to all members of the armed forces who served in Vietnam and contiguous waters and airspace between 3 July 1965 and 28 March 1973. (Click here for full Issue Regulations text for the Vietnam War Service medal).


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