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Do You Know of a VA Hospital or Military Memorial in need of physical repair?

Painting by Alexander Liccione

President Obama has asked Congress to rebuild America by passing one of the largest and most needed infrastructure improvement bills since President Eisenhower built the interstate highway system. However, not highlighted in the President's plea to Congress to improve our Nation's infrastructure is the need to ensure that all Veteran's Administration hospitals and facilities continue meet the growing needs of our military veterans. These needs include improved medical equipment, enhanced treatment and examination rooms, more accessible parking areas and, of course, state-of-the-art information storage and retrieval systems.

To enlist citizen support in getting members of Congress who are opposed to improving America the President has asked citizens of every stripe to provide their members of Congress with the locations of buildings, roads, bridges and other entities that are in need of repair or renovation. In support of improving VA treatment facilities as well as military memorials, you can use the Report Form below to help construct a list of Veterans locations requiring improvement or repair.

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    Facility in Need of Repair or Rennovation
    Type of Fac'y Zip Code Type of Repair Needed House District
    Date of Report
    VA Medical Center 24153 In need of a parking garage. Not enough parking spaces Robert Hurt 100611
    Miami VA Hospital 33125 Needs Parking Garage Mario Diaz Balart 100911
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