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Vietnam War Killed

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These post-war death names were added to the Vietnam War Memorial on 06 May 1997:

Chief Warrant Officer Charles Wood, Roseburg OR
Pfc. Harrison Allen, Springfield, Ill
Staff Sgt. Robert Shockey, Phoenix
Spc. Edward Tibbetts, West Southport Me
Spc. Kenneth Duggar, Chicago, Ill
Master Sgt. Herbert Murff, Caruthersville, Mo
Spc. William W. Di Niro Seldon NY

These names bring the total number, names on the memorial to 58,209

The complete Vietnam War casualty list is downloadable from the G.I. MUSEUM OF HONOR. You are invited/encouraged to obtain this list for your private research, collection, website development or any use you deem honorably respects the men and women who gave their lives in Vietnam. The List is compiled in html format. It can be viewed offline using your web browser.

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