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Vietnam War Casualties

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1. Cause Of Casualty Hostile and Non-Hostile Go
2. By Age - Enlisted Go
3. By US Geographic Division and Region Go
4. Officer Deaths By Rank Go
5. By Age, Officer Go
6. Per 100,000 population Go
7. By Religious Preference Go
8. By Volunteer or Drafted, Enlisted Go
9. By Geographic By Region: Deaths per 100000 pop Go
10. By Race, Ethnicity and Natl Origin Go
11. By Country in SouthEast Asia Go
12. By Marital Status Go
13. By Medal of Honor Winners-Posthumous Go
14. By US States of the Union Go
15. By Most Common Surname Go
16. By Education - Enlisted Go
17. By Rank, Enlisted Go
18. By Branch of Service Go
19. By Officers, By Training Go
20. Notes By the author Go

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