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Vietnam War Casualties
by Country in SouthEast Asia

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Casualties by Country in SouthEast Asia

Cambodia 459 16 2 44
China -- -- 6 --
Laos 214 22 33 457
North V'nam 13 47 590 422
Thailand -- -- -- 177
South V'nam 37496 14,734 1904 1476

It should be noted that 2502 or 4.3% of all casualties took place outside of South V'nam. 70% of these were Navy and Air Force personnel, most of them the pilots and crewmen who flew the recon and bombing sorties into North V'nam, Laos and Thailand.

The Cambodian invasion launched in 1970 to interdict North V'nam supplies on the Ho Chi Minh trail was largely an Army op resulting in 459 Army casualties - 88.0% of the 521 total casualties.

20% of all officer casualties in all the 4 services took place outside of South V'nam.

55% of all Navy and Air Force officer casualties came as the result of action outside of South V'nam.

On the V'nam Vets Memorial Wall a plus sign (+) indicates that the casualty is missing in action (MIA). There were 1300 casualties who were and are listed as MIA. The great majority of these men were Air Force and Navy pilots who were shot down in all the countries of So'east Asia that are shown above.

Data compiled William F. Abbott from figures obtained shortly after the construction of the Vietnam War Memorial

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