The purpose of this document is to offer and promote discussion on ideas to fund new and needed veterans benefits.

This is an continually evolving document seeking to develop funding platforms for new veterans benefit programs that will not derive from new general taxes or from voluntary/imposed military payroll deductions. Indeed, these platforms should be intended/designed to produce greater revenues for post-military personnel with the ultimate goal/tax-payer benefit of eliminating all non-administrative federal budget allocations for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Your recommendations are solicited.

To begin, most veterans have agreed on a need to Establish a tax exempt Veterans Funding Corporation (VFC) to collect, manage and distribute funds to the various veteran benefit programs previously outlined. The following recommendations have been submitted:


  • Continue current federal budget allocations based on providing current VA expenses until such time VFC income can replace all non-administrative federal budget allocations for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

  • Establish a tax-free, low-interest Military and Veteran charge card corporation. Profits from interest payments to be assigned to the VFC.

  • Assign 25 percent of military and veteran federal and state income taxes to the VFC.

  • Assign 10 percent of military service branch recruiting savings based on next year projected cost estimates and current excess recruiting pool to the VFC for a specified period of years not to exceed and unreasonable duration.

  • Assign 10 percent, or a reasonable percentage, of military contractor/supplier profits to the VFC. Congressional legislation exempting contractor's portion of income from military/veteran projects from federal taxation; States asked to reciprocate.

  • Assign profits from a new veteran life insurance program to the VFC.

  • Assign 50 percent, or a reasonable percentage, of military and veteran federal penalty assessments to VFC; Assign a percentage of veteran criminal penalty assessments to the VFC from State and local districts as per state/local ballot decision.

      This is an unconcluded, continually evolving document. As more and more veterans put on their thinking caps new funding ideas will be displayed. This list will grow with innovative concepts.

    Every great achievement is started by one person who understands the importance of doing the right thing. What are you doing?

    Your recommendation, comments, questions, are needed to refine this document.

    If You Serve You Deserve

    This document, written and updated by and for veterans, is non-copyrighted. It may be freely copied, reproduced, distributed, or linked to:

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