The purpose of this document is to construct a formal proposal, and promote discussion, on establishing a program to help veterans establish their own business.

Currently, veterans do receive some federal benefits when seeking a loan guarantee through The Small Business Administration. However, many veterans, due to a previous business failure or past credit problems not of their own making do not qualify. Other veterans with good business ideas but lack lengthy experience due to recent military service or school attendance are unable to attract lenders. Unless sufficient financing is obtained on their own, these veterans are forever displaced from the small business pool which provides the "backbone of the American economy."


All Honorably Discharged American veterans, regardless of current financial or credit report standing, submitting a small business plan demonstrating viability or success for the period of the loan will be granted a Small Business loan guarantee or Direct Loan.

To include other necessary Program requirements, the following requirements are essential:

  • The veteran must agree to work full time in the business location, providing complete devotion to the success/growth of the business
  • The veteran cannot be involved in another business venture located separately from business identified in the loan guarantee

      This is an unconcluded, continually evolving document. As more and more veterans put on their thinking caps new items will be displayed.

Every great achievement is started by one person who understands the importance of doing the right thing. What are you doing?

Your recommendation, comments, questions, are needed to refine this document.

If You Serve You Deserve

This document, written and updated by and for veterans, is non-copyrighted. It may be freely copied, reproduced, distributed, or linked to:

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