Veterans Need A
League of Veteran Voters
The Time Is Now

Over sixty years ago veterans put aside their political, racial and ideological differences to unite for a common cause.

That cause was named "The Bonus March". Part of their mission was to place military veterans in seats of Congress to ensure those who served our Nation in uniform would never be forgotten... never be slighted.

The Bonus Marchers achieved their goal. For over forty years after the Bonus March both the House and Senate were led by veterans who looked after their own.

But things have changed.

The sad fact is, Vets have dropped the ball. We have lost our numbers and our strong voices in Congress. We need to get them back.

Veterans Need A

The Time Is Now

What We Need To Do

    Putting aside any differences we may have, We need to come together as veterans.

    We need to place all other issues second to preserving our National Defense by establishing new and lasting benefits for Veterans...

      Only by making life for older veterans secure can we secure for our military services future generations of young and proud men and women who will want to serve.

  • Not only do We need to support and elect veterans to local, state and federal offices...

      We need to work together to ensure at least one veteran is among the candidates of every office up for election.

    What YOU Need To Do

      1. Join with other vets in your community to form a non-partisan League of Veteran Voters chapter.

      2. Register your chapter with The American War Library

      3. Meet with any candidates who are veterans, or organize an effort to place a veteran on the next ballot

      4. Develop a list of veteran needs your candidate will fight for when elected.

      5. Link your Chapter with League of Veteran Voter chapters in nearby communities.

      6. Hold regular town hall meetings with veterans and veteran candidates to discuss veteran needs and legislation.

      Veterans And Our Families Are The Largest Voting Block In The United States...
      There's no excuse for us to be treated like we're in the minority.


      If we can win wars we can win elections.

      Only by winning elections can we win the security and benefits we fought for...
      and we're entitled to!

      Do it for yourself
      Do it for me
      Do it for US!

      Let's get the show on the road...
      Start a League of Veterans Voters Chapter
      in your community

      Concept of The League of Veteran Voters originated by Col Jerry Bowen, Jul 1991.
      Page and text authored by Phill Coleman, Jun 1999.

      This document, written and updated by and for veterans, is non-copyrighted. It may be freely copied, reproduced, distributed, or linked to:

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