The Harry Robert Haldeman U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Voice for Special Agents and Drug Warriors

For instrumental Service in originating, implementing and establishing the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, Mr. Harry Robert Haldeman (October 27th, 1926 -- November 12th, 1993) is today forever Honored by DEA Watch.

Mr. Haldeman envisioned a permanent, completely autonomous, non-compromising anti-narcotics organization that could and would operate without political interference "erupting every four years to corrupt our much needed anti-narcotics efforts."

During the first years of DEA's creation H.R. "Bob" Haldeman specifically directed that only the best and brightest were selected to serve as DEA Special Agents and support personnel. Before this Century's first decade is closed all of DEA's original personnel will have departed. Those former agents and employees hope and trust that their hard working successors will carry on in the finest and most Honorable tradition of their predecessors.

God Speed, DEA.

Personal in memory to Mr. Haldeman,
Thank you, Sir, for all you did for me before, during and after my service in Vietnam, and the members of the project I was privileged to serve with for the brief time we were tasked to eliminate serious narcotic and terrorist threats to our nation and to our world.

-- Phill Coleman, Editor-in-Chief

Since 1989

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