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DEA Watch was established May, 1996. FTS Wire (daily reports) was established September, 1996. The purpose and function of DEA Watch is to provide all special agents and employees of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and other narcotics agencies a confidentiality protected platform to express job related and other concerns they could not normally raise to higher-ups, the media or co-workers without exposing themselves to punishment, ridicule, revenge or possible physical harm. Column One articles published in DEA Watch are compiled by DEA Watch editors. Letters published in FTS Wire are submitted by special agents and employees of DEA, and occasionally by other anti-drug agencies.

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DEA Watch's editorial staff is chaired by Phill Coleman. Since honorably discharged from the United States Army in 1971 Mr. Coleman has served various agencies in various capacities performing street work to safeguarding high officials of several nations. In one capacity Mr. Coleman logged over 120 felony and misdemeanor arrests during a 6 month period resulting in a 100% conviction rate. A record that, to this day, has never been exceeded by another agent of that agency.

After semi-retiring from law enforcement in 1981 at age 31, Phill Coleman established a nationally recognized retail business. However, several years later, after investigating and providing information about a suspected drug operation to local authorities, Phill Coleman's identity was reportedly betrayed by local police officers seeking to attribute their illegal decisions during their arrest activities to Phill's participation. Fortunately, the highly perceptive judge who oversaw the proceedings against a group of alleged drug dealers saw through the police officer's apparent inconsistencies. the judge wrote:

    "The court, having heard the testimony of the (other) witnesses (local police officers) in this case, comes to the following conclusion. One, that the testimony of Mr. Coleman is in the court's opinion extremely credible and believable.
    Mr. Coleman has absolutely nothing to lose by being truthful... Mr. Coleman stuck his neck on the line. I cannot believe the three police officers (testimony)."

The alleged drug suspects walked. However, national publicity on this case encouraged Universal Studios (Casey Silver, Exec in charge of production, Sean Daniel and Jim Jacks, producers) to acquire the rights to Phill Coleman's life story. Unfortunately, the disappointing participation of other individuals associated with the film project ultimately resulted in the loss of Phill's ten-year old business and life's work. "There are eight million stories in the Naked City... this was one of them."

Retaining his devotion to duty and optimistic belief that the so-called drug war can be won, Phill Coleman's work as editor of DEA Watch is to provide loyal and protective support for those honest law enforcement officers and narcotics agents who constitutionally subscribe to pursuing legal and uncompromising convictions on drug related cases.

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Information sent to DEA Watch can be submitted by mail, fax, email or by telephone. However, depending on DEA Watch's current funding status, only information transmitted via email can be assured publication, if accepted. DEA Watch does not accept wires from free email services unless the sender's identity is registered with DEA Watch. (Business Cards can be mailed to Phill Coleman, Editor DEA Watch, 817 Via Carmelitos
Virginia Building 319
Long Beach CA 90805-7549)

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During election cycles DEA Watch receives a large number of 'For Publication' wires devoted to campaign/candidate issues. Be advised that DEA Watch's mission is intended for drug related discussion/reports. Wires that are exclusively devoted to non-drug related issues or candidates will not be published. Political wires must be drug related.


There are two ways to post a question to all DEA Watch readers:

  1. 24 Hour Survey: Survey questions must be preceded by a 1-paragraph TOPIC that briefly describes or hypothesizes the reason for your survey question(s).

  2. Direct Question: You may ask any permitted question on DEA Watch ONLY if your provide for publication the following contact info so that responders can reply directly to you.

    • Your full name
    • Your job title
    • Your office address
    • Your office telephone number
    • Your email address


    Generally, any information can be submitted for publication consideration. However, wires containing a greater proportion of the following items are assured faster publication. These items are: Who, What, When, Where, Why and hoW. (Referred to by superior journalists as "The Six W's".)

    Following are seven guidelines on how or how not to submit your wire for publication...

    1. Your wire should endeavor to provide the greatest amount of information regarding an issue of concern. For example, you should avoid submitting the following:

      My supervisor is dishonest. He should be fired. I think he's a jerk.

    The above would be considered unacceptable for publication. Your wire should include as much of the following information as possible: name the supervisor or co-worker... (Who). Cite at least one specific act of possible dishonesty or impropriety he or she engaged in... (What). Say Where this occurred and Who was involved or present. When did this act occur. How and Why was it carried out. For example, your wire should read something like this:

      Last Monday on May 3 my supervisor, ASAC Joe Blow, left the building for a meeting with the local sheriff, John Dork. Joe told everyone in the office he could be paged if needed but he (deliberately?) left his pager on his desk. Another agent from the office, driving past the Happy Hills Golf Range to meet one of her CI's, phoned in to say she saw Joe's G-ride pull into the golf park with his secretary's (Scarlett O'Hara) smiling sister (Lois Lane) seated next to him. I phoned the sheriff's office to see if Sheriff Dork was at a meeting with ASAC Joe. The deputy I spoke to (Bruce Willis) said the sheriff was on vacation in Colombia. When ASAC Joe got back to the office he jumped all over an agent (Bill Buff) for misspelling Administrator Tandy's first name. Later, when ASAC Joe was in the head peeing Lois' DNA and VD evidence out of his pecker tube I glanced at his time sheet... it showed ASAC Joe being in the office all day shuffling paper from one side of his desk to the other. Something is wrong in Denmark. OPR should look into this... yesterday.

    Government employees conditioned on the two principles that "Information is King" and "He who knows the most gets the highest promotions" instinctively withhold important facts for personal use until and when personal gain from revealing all of the facts is more likely to benefit them personally. To those individuals who adhere (knowingly or unknowingly) to these principles, be advised that DEA Watch don't play that stuff. You must either write the whole truth and nothing but the truth, or publish your incomplete report elsewhere.

    Additionally... Do not modify actual events or statements. Use factual and complete detail. Should you include a detail or two DEA Watch feels might identify you as the author the editor will redact it, (D/W redacted). If you feel this redaction was an unnecessary protective measure by the editor simply inform him. Your original text will be restored if you request that your name and contact information be included for publication.

    2. Do not address your wire to any person or writer. DEA Watch is not a chat room.

    3. Never attack a writer if you disagree with the writer's position. Address your arguments to the writer's position, not to the writer.

    4. Never attempt to dictate publication policy. For example, never attempt to tell agents what they should or should not publish.

    5. Refrain from spell checking or grammar corrections. If you lack the intellect or ability to address the subject matter don't resort to playing school teacher.

    6. If you wish to ignore any of the above and still have your wire published you must include the following statement at the bottom of your wire:

      "Please publish my name, title, office location, telephone number and email address as follows..."

    7. If you find any of the above incompatible you should consider buying DEA Watch, which is for sale to the highest bidder. Make us an acceptable cash offer we can't refuse and we will sell you full ownership of DEA Watch. As the new owner you can publish anything you like, whenever you like. Go here to submit a bid to purchase DEA Watch:

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    DEA Watch almost entirely by the Editorial Staff and private contributions. Contributions can be mailed, emailed (charge card donations) or phoned/faxed (1-562-422-4100). Contributions sent anonymously should include a code word or phrase to be published as acknowledgment of delivery. Contributions should be extended purely in the spirit of continuing DEA Watch's mission of providing a reporting/expression platform for DEA and other narcotics employees. Contributions must not be accompanied by special requests or 'agenda' letters. We're sorry, but contributions accompanied with letters for publication must be rejected. Contributions from current or former DEA employees will not be accepted.

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    The daily wires page is archived when the page size reaches approximately 100,000 bytes. Obtaining the archived back issues is free. Click here for info on obtaining back issues.

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    The texts of agent/employee letters published in the daily wires page are not copyrighted. You may print, reproduce and distribute them.

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    IN THE NEWS: When submitting mediawires, please include:

    • 1. article title
    • 2. author's name
    • 3. publication name
    • 4. article URL (http address)

    Some articles can be accessed only on date of publication. To search for news releases in your area for mention in DEA Watch, click here. Thank you.)

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    If you have suggestions on improving
    this mission statement please forward them to:

    DEA Watch
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