Replacement Medals and Display Recognitions

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Wear of United States military medals or ribbons on recreational clothing such as baseball caps and T-shirts is prohibited. US military medals and ribbons are properly worn on chests, lapels and collars of conventional civilian dress. This display represents the correct order of precedence of ribbons most likely to be worn today on the Merchant Marine uniform or civilian dress. Devices worn on these ribbons must be worn in a specific manner and are used to denote additional awards or participation in a specific event.

How can I find out what Awards I am authorized?

    Honorable Discharge Lapel Pin | Issue Regulations

    Distinguished Service Medal
    Meritorious Service Medal
    Mariner's Medal
    Gallant Ship Citation Bar
    Merchant Marine Combat Bar
    Prisoner of War Medal
    Defense Merchant Marine Medal
    Atlantic War Zone Merchant Marine
    Pacific War Zone Merchant Marine
    Mediterranean M.E.-Merchant Marine
    Merchant Marine-WWII Victory Medal
    Korean Service-Merchant Marine
    Vietnam Service Merchant Marine | Issue Regulations
    Expeditionary-Merchant Marine
    Philippine Defense Medal
    Philippine Liberation Medal
    Battle Participation Ribbon | Issue Regulations
    Cold War Medal | Issue Regulations

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