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War Library To Serve As Real-time Census Database

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    Due to the historic exclusion of identifying military veterans in the Constitutionally-mandated Census performed each decade, the War Library is currently under software revision to provide a real-time Zip and Postal Code search tool for every military veteran, both living and burial site, listed in the current database.

    Database Subscribers seeking to find active and former military members residing in their zip/postal code area will be able to search for any purpose such as forming veteran's associations, distributing newsletters, compiling legislative petitions, providing legislators with veteran demographic data, etc.

    Database access information:

    Ensure you and your military relatives are included in the database by Zip/Postal Code. Update your listing if you have moved:

    Ensure ALL of your Service Period acknowledgments are listed in your database listing and on your CURRENT 201A Military Award Report:

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