Phill Coleman: Cannon Fodder, Growing Up for Vietnam

Copyright (c) 1980, 1987, The Vietnam War Library

 "Dear Phil:

 ...Your comments are well thoughtout and I generally agree with them.
 It seems to me that you have written a worthy book and I wish it success.

 W. C. Westmoreland
(General, United States Army, Ret.)

Cannon Fodder describes the experiences of an African-American soldier's US Army service during the Vietnam War from Induction - during the beginning growth of the anti-war movement in 1968 - to Discharge in 1971 - shortly before U.S. ground forces ceased active combat operations. The principle theme of Cannon Fodder are the series of friendly fire casualties on the night of 17-18 February 1970 [*], including the devasting friendly fire attack on a classified signal unit in Bien Hoa. This work was completed in 1980 and accepted by Paragon House Publisher in 1987. You are invited to take a trip back into time and experience, or re-experience, The Vietnam War.

[*] One incident this day was captured in the CBS film "Friendly Fire" (Carrol Burnett, Ned Beatty)

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  • A Soldier's Story, by General Omar N. Bradley
  • Crusade in Europe, by General Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • A Soldier Reports, by General William C. Westmoreland

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