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Text Of Letter Written By A Veteran To His State's Members Of Congress
March 01, 2012

I am a Vietnam veteran who served in the military for 6 years. As with most veterans I am proud of my service and my service record while in the U. S. Navy. However, recognition by the military as well as the government can at times be slow or forgetful and many situations become unnoticed. I am writing this letter on behalf of all veterans both past and present.

I am acting on behalf of all military veterans who have served this country in time of war and peace and this letter is written to gain support for a program which would give all veterans the support. gratitude, recognition and honors they deserve. I see by your webpage and contact information that you are willing to help veterans with issues. Here's one you can help with.

I am also retired law enforcement and spent 17 years with the Riverside County Sheriffs Department. I am one of thousands of military veterans in my State who chose to be a peace officer to protect and defend the citizens of California. Nationwide there are thousands more police officers, deputies, marshals, patrolman, special agents and troopers who are military veterans, some of which are still serving, who every day protect and defend the people of this country. I think it is important we recognize these veterans for their past service and there is currently a program which is attempting to do just that. This program would recognize all military veterans for their contribution and sacrifice in serving our country in the Armed Forces of the United States...

The American War Library, here in California. has recently released a web site which offers veterans a chance to gain the recognition they deserve. The web site basically allows veterans who qualify and meet the criteria for certain medals, awards and ribbons to apply for such awards after submitting the appropriate paperwork showing eligibility. The web site makes certain awards retroactive to all who meet the basic standards except the initial date the award was established. This would allow all of our heroic veterans from past wars and conflicts (Revolutionary War, Civil War, WW1, and WW11, Korea etc.) to receive the honors they so justly earned and in many cases fought and died for.

Many veterans would qualify for most of the current awards which were established after the Vietnam conflict in 1974. But because of the current qualifying or eligibility date on several of the new awards presented after the Vietnam Conflict, many veterans. both past and present, are not allowed to be authorized or wear such awards. With your help we hope to change this.

This program if it can be placed into legislation and become an active bill would allow such awards as the National Defense Service Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, Combat Action Badge (Ribbon) Sea Service Deployment, Overseas Service Deployment, Cold War Service and Prisoner of War Medal, just to name a few, would be made retroactive the Revolutionary War providing the basic criteria are met.

There would be no cost to the military, government or taxpayer and each applying veteran would pay the full cost of the authorization and award as well as supplying all necessary paperwork showing eligibility. Please look at the enclosed material for Operation Retroactive Recognition which fully explains the program. I and other veterans are asking for your support in helping to get this program up and running. We ask for your support in helping us get legislation passed in Congress that would authorize Operation Retro-Active Recognition to become a bill and reality to our American Heroes.

We veterans would greatly appreciate it if you would represent us in Washington and initiate legislation to enact this Bill. Please help us. I can be reached by email at or my mailing address.

Thank you very much,
Greg Colyer,
Vietnam Veteran, 1969-1975
United States Navy (Tin Can Sailor)

Investigator, Riverside County Sheriffs Department, Retired.
Member Coast Guard Auxiliary.
Operation Retro-Active Recognition

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