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Should the Supreme Court uphold criminalization of military award lying?
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TOPIC: The Supreme Court is currently deciding whether or not to leave in place as written by Congress, or modify, or abolish the Stolen Valor Act which makes it a federal offense to knowingly lie about recipientship of a U.S. military award. Also currently, some veterans and Republican legislators are working around the Supreme Court to come up with ways to make all taxpayers fund programs via the Department of Defense to identify military fakes. (NOTE: The American War Library's position on taxpayer expense for Stolen Valor identification resides here.)

QUESTION 1/3: Should the Supreme Court vote to continue making it a federal offense to lie about being a U.S. military award recipient?

    Yes, the Supreme Court should reaffirm The Stolen Valor Act
    No, the Supreme Court should abolish The Stolen Valor Act

QUESTION 2/3: Should the Department of Defense divert money needed for personnel management and equipment acquistion to staff new offices with cadre to monitor every military award authorized by the four military branches?


QUESTION 3/3: Did you serve in the military?


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